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Do you have an Instagram?

Like me, personally? Why yes I do, but it’s pretty boring beware, also I don’t really post any Parachute things, it’s mainly my life and stuff….sorry. It’s linked here

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The bassist who is playing for Alex right now posted a picture on his instagram at the beginning of August with all of the tour dates for the Meant To Be tour saying that he was going on tour with them, I think they have known for awhile that Alex isn't going to be on this tour.

Yeah I saw that on instagram as well (after I totally didn’t stalk him) and, to be honest, never even made the connection that they probably knew for a while……. But hey thanks for that realization.

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Alex is probably just taking a break or something and he'll be back soon enough, they would have said something otherwise. And they probably haven't formally welcomed the two newbies because they aren't actually joining the band or anything, they're just filling in for tour.

So the theories so far are: he’s taking a break (but why!) or he might have a family emergency. And that’s true (about Jon and Alex Edwards), they’re probably just around for the tour, but what gets me is no announcement or acknowledgement. I mean I respect Alex’s wishes if he needed privacy or something for this (understandable), but I just think it would’ve been a good idea to make some type of announcement (no need to be extravagant or anything), just something. Because look what happened with no one saying anything: the fandom is now in a state of chaos and our imagination is probably getting the best of us and, personally, I don’t know what I’m even feeling at this point. So yeah… whatever is going on all I want is for the boys to make some acknowledgement and not leave us hanging like this.


Rough couple of months for the Parachute fandom…


A collection of photos by myself, left-twix, and friendswithbandefits from the Parachute concert last year. (I’ll post more when I can find them.)

I remember the band still being whole as if that was three months and thirteen days ago- wait what.

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I feel like things have been kinda rocky recently, with the band. :( I asked them about the FMMF show that was this past Friday, many times (because I couldn't find tickets on the site) and I never got answers about it. Then I found out just now that their show was a free show that day and I could have gone to it anyway. idk man things are all kinds of messed up or something. Nate needs to come back to get them on track again. I feel upset about everything. ;_;

Is this the same anon from before? No reason, just wondering. Hi again :)

SHHH I’ve had little seedlings in my brain telling me the exact same thing but I really don’t want to believe it. Literally though Julia (the wonderful yayparachute) and I have been discussing this and at this point, we’re assuming the worst. But I really don’t want to say it, lest it comes true.

Aw sorry that you couldn’t make it to the show :( (Just want to say if you have questions about the tour or something, myself and other parachute blogs are always here to try and help!)

Side note, well related to you saying Nate needs to get them back on track- I’ve always viewed Nate as having a “motherly” role (not in a bad way, totally good), like he’s keeping them on track and everything and I just thought funny you should say that since that’s how I saw him as.

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I know what you mean about feeling disappointed. I don't want to be one of those fans that are all like "they changed i hate them!!1!" but yeah, I can't help but feeling things have been going downwards since they released Overnight (Nothing to do with the album, I love it, it's just the feeling). Honestly I could go on, but I feel kinda bad complaining, and I dont want to come off as mean.

(wow literally don’t think I’ve had this many messages before, nothing like a catastrophe to bring a fandom together eh? (I use humor to hide the pain, don’t hate me)

Yeah I’m in no way saying I hate them, I’m just extremely let down by their lack of communication with the fans right now. Like we could be blowing this out of proportion (I hope this is the case), but we don’t know if we are because they’re not telling us a single thing.

And in response to Overnight- I, honestly, didn’t give much thought about how things went since its release (and to be honest I think I, personally, find myself bias towards it because I attended their concert on the day of its release so that was a wonderful experience), but I totally respect your opinion and can kind of see where you’re coming from. And don’t worry about complaining or whatever, we all are allowed to have our own opinions and complaints and it’s fine no worries.

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I want to believe that if Alex had left they would have said something like when Nate did (still not over that btw). But also they didn't say anything about whoever is replacing Nate, like just "welcome [dude's name]" or something. And yeah they should totally say something about Alex not being on this tour, not even explain why or anything, but at least let people know.

Exactly. I would like to think they’d inform us if ANOTHER MEMBER was leaving, but seeing as how they didn’t do that nor give a welcome post to Jon and Alex (Nate’s replacement) then that leaves me confused and unable to understand what the hell is freaking going on.

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Okay, well just to clear things up: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING DOWN.

I was informed that a new guy (Jonathan Soderholm) would be playing bass for the entirety of the m2b tour. I looked him up on twitter/instagram and he said it himself, therefore confirming it.

The question is- WHY? and literally none of us have a clue why. He’s just…AWOL. He could be still with the band, he could not be. At this point it’s one huge guessing game which is really freaking us all out.