So this happened today. 

I was totally not expecting it, but this is so awesome. 

wow CONGRATS!!! :)


johnny stubblefield is cute pass it on

Pandora: *plays Forever and Always by Parachute* Me: *whispers* no Me: Me: Okay I'm gonna do it I'm gonna listen to it and it's NOT going to make me cry this time *song finishes* Me: *crying* Me: DANG IT

optimismic replied to your post “Just wondering, did anyone send me a message? Because my inbox had a…”

Story of my life. I’ve had a notification that I have a message for months and I still don’t have a message.

Oh good so it’s not just me, I mean sorry it happened to you too, but good to know it’s not just my tumblr spazzing out. 

Just wondering, did anyone send me a message? Because my inbox had a little notification, but when I checked it, there was no new message. So if you did, could you just resend it or something? And if not, then please ignore this, my tumblr is being weird….


Also which one do you guys like? i think the first one is kinda batmany and cool?


Something To Believe In: Parachute

My Edit

If you guys have any Parachute lyrics you want me to make an edit of, send me them and I will do it.

HEY THERE! I interrupt your blogging time to say I just reached my next hundred! I can’t thank all of you enough for hitting that follow button and sticking with me (even though I’m aware I make some weird posts/comments/tags/etc.). I appreciate each and every one of you and great life choice on deciding to like a band called Parachute (maybe you’ve heard of em?)

Thanks to old and new followers alike, you all rock, and I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog. And if you ever wanna say hi you know where to go! (My ask box is never closed and if it is let me know because that’s a mistake….)