Can’t get enough of this band. I listen to them non-stop.

Whoa. Where did you find this photo?


So this happened today. 

I was totally not expecting it, but this is so awesome. 

wow CONGRATS!!! :)


johnny stubblefield is cute pass it on

Pandora: *plays Forever and Always by Parachute* Me: *whispers* no Me: Me: Okay I'm gonna do it I'm gonna listen to it and it's NOT going to make me cry this time *song finishes* Me: *crying* Me: DANG IT

optimismic replied to your post “Just wondering, did anyone send me a message? Because my inbox had a…”

Story of my life. I’ve had a notification that I have a message for months and I still don’t have a message.

Oh good so it’s not just me, I mean sorry it happened to you too, but good to know it’s not just my tumblr spazzing out.