Anonymous asked:

Is the ustream online anywhere

As of now, not that I know of.

But if anyone happens to know where or have a link please let me know and I’ll send out a psa/signal boost thanks! :)


I don’t know how i’m just seeing these, but I feel they should be grouped together…


Ok, for those of you that were watching the ustream, what did you think?!

I’ll get back to you after I’ve calmed down and composed myself


Will Anderson (@willyj1234of @parachute, photographed in Austin, Texas.

OKAY THE NEXT SNAPCHAT IS UP and it features American Secrets and a better picture (though you probably can’t tell) but I’m pretty sure I figured out the tracklist (that blurry thing in the top left corner) and it is:

Meant to Be

American Secrets

She is Love

Forever and Always

Can’t Help

For those of you without snapchat this is it! It previews a live version of Meant To Be and I’m pretty sure the album cover features Will.

I’m bad at this stuff darn it, but thankfully people in the comments spelled it out for me.

So what do you think: ”Live From Minneapolis EP”?